Pedro R. Rodriguez

Associate Director | NASA

Pedro R. “Ronnie” Rodriguez is associate director for Engineering at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In this capacity, he develops the Engineering Directorate’s resources necessary to ensure the Launch Services, International Space Station (ISS), Commercial Crew, and Ground Systems Development and Operations Programs are successful as the agency prepares for missions to deep space, including the journey to Mars.  In his role, Rodriguez also helps to ensure the success of Advanced Exploration Systems and Kennedy Space Center’s institution and infrastructure.

Rodriguez began his career at Kennedy in 1991, when he was hired as a mechanical systems engineer in the Shuttle Payloads Operations Directorate. After several years working to integrate payloads and prepare them for launch, he moved into project engineering, where he led a team of multidiscipline engineers in payload operations and testing. This was followed by a return to mechanical engineering in the newly established Launch Services Program in 1998. Upon completing this assignment, Rodriguez moved on to serve as requirements manager for the International Space Station (ISS) and Payload Processing Directorate, and served as a payload test director for shuttle missions STS-92, STS-99, and STS-103.

In 2005, Rodriguez was selected as chief of the Operations Management Branch, within the ISS and Payload Processing Directorate.  Since then, he has served in different capacities, including deputy division chief and division chief within the ISS Payload Processing Directorate, Constellation Project Office, and Ground System Development and Operations Program, where he most recently served as chief for the Systems Engineering and Integration Division.

Rodriguez was born in Camaguey, Cuba.  He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Florida in 1991. He earned a master’s degree in space systems from the Florida Institute of Technology in 1995.  Rodriguez lives in Rockledge, Florida, with his wife and three children.