Jessica Caicedo

RLDC 7 Vice Chair | SHPE ERAU

Jessica Caicedo is a senior in Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She began to be involved with SHPE in 2015 when she transferred into Embry-Riddle as a sophomore. From then on she became an active member of Embry-Riddle’s “Las Aguilas” Chapter. From the beginning SHPE welcomed her with open arms and gave her the familia away from home that she needed. In just her first year she was awarded as one of the most loyal members, apart from being one of the newest members of the chapter. As a Colombian-American, she continues to strive to become not only a better engineer but also a better student and professional, while never forgetting her roots.

Jessica is currently the RLDC 7 Vice chair and Curriculum chair. She is excited to be on the RLDC committee as a lot of hard work has been dedicated to make sure that everything goes well as there are great things planned for everybody attending!